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Re: Installing Khmer Unicode on a Mac

Postby Hanuman » Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:14 pm


Sorry to hear that. I knew some khmer people always think they better than other,because they copy and stealing from other hardworker people.As you have seen in the Music Industry,Computing, there people out there that always trying to be someone that they are not. Stealing and copy other works. You should encrypted all your data to protect from these thieves. Good Luck and thanks for the site.
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Re: Installing Khmer Unicode on a Mac

Postby danhhong » Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:01 am

Hi Kai,

Your wrote: "The tables used in this font have been stolen from the Khmer fonts created by XenoType Technologies. I know because I created them. Danh Hong had access to them but he was most certainly not authorized to copy them for any purpose. Their inclusion in this 'new' development is based on hard work done by me and my company, not anything done by KhmerOS or Danh Hong."

Your are right to say that the tables used in the font in installing package from Nokorsoft has been stolen from you, but you are wrong to said that I have accessed to your table, font or technology. I don't do like that.

As I responded to you via email, everything come from your misunderstand, but you still keep your text to attack me here, sorry.

There are not my font in previous installing package of Nokorsof which make you anger, but the other people's font. Anyhow, from my understanding, Nokorsoft has showed you already the link to download AAT font which contain your aat's table. So you mention my name and Khmer OS here is not good.

Right now, many people have created Khmer Unicode fonts, but I can see only 3 kinds of project to add for smart font, one come from Paul Nelson of Microsoft, as the font shipped in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and the from Pan Localization which can work perfect with Microsoft Office and Microsoft's products only; one come from you, many people use for create aat font for iPhone and iPod; and one from mine which has special OpenType features for Linux, Microsoft's product, Adobe's product and QuarkXPress, and some months ago I have modified for conversion to aat.

When I have time, I will write to analyst the 3 kinds of project table for smart fonts for Khmer, and document for create smart font from beginning, but the problem that I see not so much IT person in Cambodia are interested in type design, so I am not sure it may help to stop the people steal your aat table or not.
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